Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Module 12. Today is the last day of our course. We were examined then we made a presentation.
Everyone was listened to very attentively and mark the positive and negative meanings. My project was "the national values of Azerbaijan in the foreign resources". I made an interesting and available presentation. My project liked by everyone.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Module 11 - Today l learned about facilitation self assessment.l knew this heading from Intel 3 and Curriculum.We fill self assessment and ways technology could improve this area.Get information about implementation plan why we need it,necessary way in project.L am very exciting because of  approaching presentation,l wish all participant luck and l very grateful to our teachers and related company our Education Ministry,too.

Module 10. Today we learned the ways of learning.Module 10 - In this module we learned that researches showed  knowledge based different learning strategy in that way pupil can be adapted education.We learned some conception which describe education methods.Now we know 8 ways how pupil can be talented.And we discussed differences between education methods.We also learned about differentiation practices survey and we fill it and add it to our differentiation folder,then check all folder.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Module 9. Today we have learned the assessment of student's blog. We  have been taught  how to make the blog checklist. We worked on blog checklists. We were explained  the  checklists  were made by the teacher for students. ·     We learned   the classification of  assessments. We discussed the assessment of student's blog. I want to tell that we learn everything step by step.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Module 8. İn this module we learned about student presentation. We were  explained everything step by step. We were taught how to begin this presentation, how many groups we  can work with. Then we were shown  one of the student presentations and asked to to work very attentively. We were explained to put one of the best   presentation in our blogger.  We understood how to put pictures and videos in  our presentation in the blogger.At last I want to say that everything is as we wished.
Module7. Today we were taught module 7. We learned the advantages of this module.In this module we learned veb 2.
We learned how and when  to use it
We registrated in   and worked on it for some time. I think this  veb 2. is very useful in the process of our lesson. We learned how to collaborate in the internet. We watched one of Intel project and after it we  filled our lesson plan.This course is very interesting for me because is explained very clearly.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Module 2. Today we have learned much.We discussed BLOOM's Taxonomy.We learned its advantages.We learned that it stimulates and develops student's higher-order thinking skills.